I love beer, hate calories. Really Really do. I love to run to be fit, but avoiding drinking on running days to stay healthy

What it does

Hoppr is a beer/vendor discovery and reward app. Hoppr uses your fitness data by reading the sensors on your phone to make beer suggestions, suggest new trails to run based on how many calories it would take to walk/run to get there. It also makes it possible for Vendors to offer promotions to get people in the vicinity who have had a good workout to stop by for the first time.

How I built it

I used to get the beer catalog and vendor catalog. Integrated the App with Google Fitness SDK which lets you read step count, distance walked, heart rate and more. Notify users based on step count for a vendor promotion.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating Google Fitness SDK was quite a challenge and being able to read the sensor data was a big challenge and continues to be so

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to build an app that would really solve a problem I face everyday!

What I learned

A lot of great things are possible in 24 hours! Thank you DevPost and Alley!

What's next for Hoppr

I'd like to implement a real backend, instead of relying on a background service running on the phone as a proof of concept. Currently the recommendations are ad-hoc and the real value would lie in making meaningful recommendations based on the users fitness data. Implement a challenge and reward system for the amount of time it takes a user to reach the destination within a certain time.

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