Every day, a student gets emails, event invites, and is bombarded with information from every side. We seek to centralize that information, and focus it to just what a person wants and needs to know.

What it does

Allows a student to browse announcements, read articles, and view event data for goings-on at Johns Hopkins. They can manage or participate in clubs, subscribe to different news sources, or keep up-to-date with important announcements from the university.

How I built it

We began by building minimal working models on the interactions of the parts - basic communications between the app, server, and database. From there, we build each service up individually: configuring the database to store data, building the server to interpret it, and designing our mobile app to allow the user to interact with it.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to build enough of a content base to give users a compelling alternative to already-established data ssources.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to parse and output key information from all articles on a well-known news site. Well-designed mobile app and website UI.

What I learned

A hefty amount of MySQL and Swift, some web scraping, and a good sense of how to integrate them all together.

What's next for HopHub

Increased integration with Facebook and other common news/social sites, to build up a larger content base.

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