In the Age of Information, it is surprising how a large percentage of the population can be very misinformed about current events and unaware of their surroundings. In addition, it can be a daunting task to research past events and analyze trends of the local government 's interaction with the community. In a large city, knowledge of this information is not only an important requirement for good citizenship, but also for personal well being. In order to present the large amount of open source data provided by the city of Baltimore in a user friendly manner, we have created a web app known as the Urban Oracle!

The Urban Oracle was created using a combination of Python, JavaScript, and HTML. By interfacing with the Google-Maps API, it can provide a clear and aesthetically pleasing view of the city. In addition, information taken from the Baltimore Open Data website and accessed through the use of the Socrata API, local records can be visualized in real space, in order to provide an intuitive feel for where local government interactions have been and currently are occurring. In addition, the change in the geographic distribution of the data can be monitored as a function of time. Finally, Urban Oracle is capable of providing correlation analysis of two separate events, in order to satisfy the personal interest of the user. These comparisons can be viewed as either scatter plots or by displaying two sets of data at once.

While this idea was only applied to information regarding Baltimore, the foundation has been laid to expand this service to other cities. Urban Oracle hopes to serve as a stepping stone to increased community involvement and awareness. As it continues to be developed, it will be able to evolve into a valuable third party service for the local population.

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