Have you ever dreamed of knowing where you can find a spot on D level without the trek from your ~/

What it does

The app allows user drop a quest pin on anywhere of the map, and the users walking by the dropped quest pin, will get a notification about quests around them. Upon the succession of taking a photo, the photo taker will be awarded.

How We built it

This App is built with xcode, written in swift. The main API we used is the google map API that take the majority portion of our user interface. For data storage and user recognition, we chose Apple CloudKit to be our back-end support. The app will upload and record user information on a cloud side database, also all the quest object information is stored there.

Challenges We ran into

Using multiple API can be very challenging. Especially when we have to find the correct combination of methods, to be specific, here is an example: In Google Map API, the drop pin on the map is ought to change position upon dragging of the map. We first wrote the code where we update the new pin location in a “continuous” fashion. We found that that method was not exactly efficient and we causing major lagging in the app. We did, however, solved the issue by switching to a pick n’ drop mechanism. Apple CloudKit has many constraints as well; for one instance, many API’s are only “one-way”, meaning that you cannot actively push notification by user locations, but rather have user’s phone search for available content around the radius, and request data client-side.

Accomplishments that We’re proud of

The platform that we have come up with is

What We learned

Development is often time about exploring available tools and finding better way using them, instead of

What's next for What's There

The product is still very extendable and

Built With

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