With the rise of plastic cards and cutting-edge technology such as Apple Pay, the financial world has undergone a fundamental shift: people no longer rely on paper money to transact business. However, if a business isn’t outfitted with credit card readers, Apple Pay, or other similar technologies, consumers are inconvenienced and must fall back on traditional systems. When faced with a cash-only situation, consumers have only two options: a.) scramble to find an ATM, which can be a significant distance away and generally expensive or b.) drop the transaction, which benefits neither the consumer seeking a good or the business selling it. SpotMe, a mobile cash-sharing app, enables users to utilize people near them as ATMs. An individual seeking cash can open the SpotMe app, create an account, and submit a cash request. Within seconds, SpotMe will notify nearby users. One of these nearby users, the “cash deliverer,” can then accept the request, follow the provided map to the location of the first user, the “cash receiver,” and “spot” him/her the money. Each user then slides their finger to complete the transaction. This initiates a bank transfer from the “cash receiver” to the “cash deliverer.” The “cash deliverer” will also gain an additional $1 and a 1% commission on the deal. Then, both users receive a receipt and the option to report any mishaps. The app is built on a web stack and is thus compatible with iPhone and Android. The app is written in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Due to its complex real-time needs, the program uses Firebase Database to store user data. The Google Maps API provides built-in maps and ETAs. The Capital One API transfers money between users’ bank accounts. Using this technology, SpotMe strives to revolutionize the money withdrawal process. By doing this, it also allows people to confidently live a cashless lifestyle while still having access to the goods of a cash-filled society.

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