Walking through the streets of downtown Davis, my heart couldn't ignore the sight of homeless individuals struggling to find their next meal or stay warm during the cold winter nights. Witnessing their hardships stirred a deep sense of compassion within me, igniting a powerful inspiration to take action. It became clear that I had to make a difference, to bring even a glimmer of hope into their lives, no matter how big or small.

What it does

At HopeLift, we believe that no one should go hungry, shiver in the cold, or be devoid of opportunities to thrive. Our mission is to provide holistic support by addressing the immediate needs of food and clothing, while also focusing on the long-term solution of job training and career development. We believe in empowering individuals, nurturing their potential, and equipping them with the skills necessary to create a better future.

How we built it

I brainstormed on a notion page first. Then I used a template from I worked on it for around 6 hours. Then I gave up on it because it didn't produce what I had in my mind. I then started binding together HTML, CSS & Javascript code on Adobe Dreamweaver. It was too time consuming because I was working alone. By this time, 12 hours of the hackathon were done. I then decided to use another website: I found a template I liked & worked with it. there were a few hiccups here & there. I fixed them with the mentors' help.

Challenges we ran into

-lack of a team -Time constraint -minimal coding experience. -brainstorming during the event wasted time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my 1st ever hackathon. I'm so proud I did it. I effectively used the resources. This initiative is empowering homeless individuals.

What we learned

-Coding requires patience. -Adaptability & Problem solving are crucial -An hour of hackathon = an hour of growth -Time Management

What's next for HopeLift

I plan to extend this service to 24/7. I also want a healthcare wing where the homeless people receive free medical treatment. I also want to collaborate with similar existing initiatives.

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