Hope Bars - Solving malnutrition from social entrepreneurship 

How it works

  The em squared foundadation wanted an application for implementing their sustainable model for selling nutrition bars. For every one box of hope bar bought, one box is donated to the children in need. This is a web application that has an interface to buy and sell hopebars. The backend is developed in php and sql. Front end is implemented in html, css, javascript and styling in css. 

Challenges I ran into

 -  Difficulty with Microsoft (Bleh) 
 - Poor API documentation of Cordova, Twillio and Phonegap plugins 

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

 - one of the team members started learning web development at the hackathon and did a really good a job at it. 
 - Using PHP for first time
 -  Setup a database from scratch 
 - Attempting to use phonegap, cordova, twillio and sms

What I learned

web deelopment, php, sql and other third-party APIs 
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