We were inspired by HOPE worldwide's mission and wanted to fully embody this through our rebranding. As for visual inspiration, we took inspiration from the websites of similar non-profit organizations, such as 4oceans.

What it does

So how did we rebrand Hope Worldwide? We crafted a unique logo for them, which is essential for any organization to have. Logos are the face of the organization because organizations may have similar names, but a logo will help any organization stand out from the rest.

What else must an organization have to build their brand? In the digital age, a website. Websites are essentially the digital resume of the organization. Any resume must be organized, easy on the eyes, and concisely packed with information, and the same applies with websites.

How we built it

We made the logo based on the current color theme and the mission of the website, with some adjustments to better suit the organization as a whole. We then organized all of the info that is currently on their website, grouping similar elements together in their own webpages. Lastly, we conveyed this visually through the use of Figma.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was concisely organizing the load of information the site had - particularly on the homepage. We found that there was too much info on the homepage, so much that it doesn't compel users to look at the other pages in the website. With our new website organization, though, we believe that our formatting will help retain others' interest in both the website and its associated organization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're particularly proud of the logo and organization of the site, because of how effectively they work together.

What we learned

We learned the need to prioritize aspects that make a successful marketing plan. Additionally, this project emphasized to us the importance of logos and avoiding visual overload on a website. Lastly, we learned how to incorporate user experience into marketing strategies.

What's next for HOPE Worldwide Rebranding

We plan to implement our new website design and see the impact is has on the site's visitors (retention and click-through rates). Additionally, we want to further develop the organization of the site to make good use of the screen's space and user experience.

Built With

  • figma
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