Inspiration I was inspired by various charity organizations who strive to make others happy.

What it does: This is a website where people can donate for a greater cause and help people.

How I built it I build it using simple concepts of HTML,CSS,Bootstrap and JavaScript. I used razor pay for payment process.

Challenges I ran into I did not have any challenges as it was a very small and easy project but I am working on to make it more user-friendly and dynamic.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I recently started working on website developments . I am proud that I completed this project on my own.

What I learned I have learned a lot of things specifically designing a responsive website using CSS and Bootstrap.There are so many concepts and properties which are introduced recently which makes it more easy and helpful in designing the front view of the website.

What's next for Hope Organization: I am working on making it more dynamic and add new features.

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