Shocking statistics showed that the world we live in is completely different than what others are living in. We wanted to make something that is both appealing to a younger audience while also informing them.

What it does

Builds a foundation of sanitation practices in young peoples minds.

How we built it

Using the Unity Game Engine, we used C# to write scripts for the game and allow it to work the way it does.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first exposure to both, game development and C#, so we were able to learn so much new information and it will benefit us in the future.

What we learned

C# and game development. Also learned how to work better under a time-limit.

What's next for Hope of Mankind

If given more time, this game can really be made into something awesome. We wanted to add cutscenes and other features, but for now we stuck with the fundamentals. We are super excited to keep poking at this project over time and see what it could be made into.

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