Access to healthcare has always been a prevalent issue in the world — as of right now, there is no current easy, efficient online platform that helps patients in need of organ or blood donors. So many patients die daily due to simply not being able to find a suitable organ for them, while there are many donors across the world that would match their needs. Our team realized that if there existed a platform to connect donors and patients all across the world, countless lives would be saved.

What it does

Hope Funds aims to be a life-saving platform that supports patients in need of a blood or organ donation by matching patients with donors that are a perfect fit for them. With the help of Hope Funds, patients of all demographics and backgrounds (such as families with low incomes and/or without easy access to a hospital) will be supported throughout their journey to recovery.

Our site's smooth interface allows the user to easily create an account and/or login and navigate between pages, whether they're a donor or a patient. Firstly, on the landing page, the site displays patients in need of severe help as of that moment. Donors can also search or browse for their perfect match, and if they're not completely convinced to donate yet, they'll be able to read about just how much of an impact they can make on our why donate page. Furthermore, patients can create posts that include details about what exactly they need, as well as other details such as age, gender, severity, etc.

How we built it

The site's frontend was built with HTML/CSS/JS, while the site's backend uses Google Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

One major challenge we ran into was connecting the database to the frontend. It took many hours to figure this out, but we eventually got it after lots of perseverance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a fully-functional web application using new tools we have never used before (such as Google firebase.) Since most of us haven't had prior experience with web development languages, it was definitely a new experience, but we managed to make it work!

What we learned

We learned a lot about web development skills, like connecting front end to backend, and using firebase through JS.

What's next for Hope Funds

Hope Funds will no doubt be expanded in the future, as we feel that it can truly be life-saving.

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