Help people that can afford to pay immediately and go out to get basics necessity. Help local community from other Big Commercial stores.

What it does

You access to your app/web application, select your local stores and you can get basics necessity delivered at home, and don't need to pay immediately, but you can get microcredit access and pay up to 45 days later.

How I built it

I created mobile app and web app for stores profile, and final user profile. Connected with a bank account or credit card

Challenges I ran into

Get the involvments from local community store to adopt a new billing method

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Local community seems to be happy to help people, and get more income instead of fight with Big Commercial stores

What I learned

Help one man, can help all the world

What's next for Hope for people

People exit from the actual situation and get all they need (drugs, foods, with access to microcredit).

Built With

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