None of us like to wait on hospital lines. Our project was inspired by a member’s experience when her mother was having uncomfortable heart problems. She was hesitant in going to a hospital because she was aware of the long-wait times. In the end, she ended up visiting her local hospital but her family was constantly worried during the long wait time. We realized that this is a common issue due to the lack of easy access to necessary hospital information, but this can be easily resolved through an app that displays hospital wait times. We created this platform to have a stronger control of our own health and the health of those who love. Taking care of our body is a serious matter, and we shouldn’t rely on luck to take care of them. Instead, it is about having a conscientious decision, and that starts on which hospital to go.

Our app identifies the location of the user and renders a list of hospitals that are close to him/her. The list gathers all necessary information, such as address, phone number, website, rating, and most importantly the waiting time. With such information, the user can make a better decision of which hospital to go and get a faster treatment.

There were many challenges in implementing this app, given that we are all second-year undergraduate students with not much knowledge on CS. Retrieving the correct API, as well as carefully constructing the UI, were our biggest challenges. Having said that we were able, as a team, to overcome these obstacles and deliver the goal we set. It has been an incredible journey so far, learning from each other and defying our own expectations.

Our next steps will be to integrate even more personalized features, such as creating a profile, being able to star specific hospitals, get real-time notifications of hospitals with a short line, etc.

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