Hop Skip Jump

We are extending the idea of a journey planner to allow a user to enter multiple sites they want to visit in day, with some constraints - eg be at point C before 3pm.

We created an algorithm to explore all the possible journey leg orders and combinations, and suggest itineraries that satisfy the constraints and are optimised for minimal transport times.

Target Users

  1. Tia is traveller from overseas who arrived in Auckland yesterday. It is her first time in NZ. She has a few days to explore Auckland before heading off to the South Island. She wants to vist a number of sites each day, but doesnt want to spend a long time planning all the logistics of travel in a foreign city. She wants to be able to quickly enter a number of locations in the trip planner, and get info back such as
  • How long it takes to get between each site
  • How connected each site is, what are the wait times/frequencies
  • Whether or not there is an optimal order to vist each site based on wait or travel times
  • What modes of transport are availble between each leg
  • And all the other details
  1. Andrew is an Auckland resident who does not own a vehicle. Similar to Tia above, he has a number of locations he needs to vist across Auckland during the day - say a dentist appointment, a shopping trip, and visiting a friend in a distant suburb. Andrew wants to be able to simply enter the intended destinations, specify some constraints - (eg must be a dentist before 11am) have the computer return a list of optimal travel itineraries....
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