Social Media Managers receive trouble reports and sales leads in Facebook and Twitter. Often these need to be handled by other teams, Support or Sales for example. What if there was a way to open a ticket directly in JIRA Service Desk?

What it does

When viewing a Twitter or Facebook message in the Hootsuite Social Media Management Dashboard, the user can open a dialog that allows them to send the content of the message to a JIRA Service Desk. The user can chose the Service Desk, set the issue type, priority, and even the assignee. They can also view all of the issues and updates to them directly in a Hootsuite stream.

In addition, the add-on creates a side bar in JIRA that displays and links to the original social media message.

How I built it

I build it using Ruby on Rails during a two week Agile Sprint. I took advantage of both the Hootsuite APIs and Atlassian Connect.

Challenges I ran into

The Atlassian Connect JIRA and JSD APIs are new and evolving quickly, the documentation isn't always keeping up with new features. However, being able to talk directly to the API developers at Atlassian Connect Week was a great help.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the app from zero to a solid demo in one week. Contributing to the community by co-developing a Ruby gem with Atlassian to make API authorization easier in Ruby projects.

What I learned

How useful it is for the API developers to work with devs building on projects on their API. It was clear they valued the feedback and would use it to both improve documentation, smooth rough edges, and extend functionality.

What's next for Hootsuite JIRA Service Desk

  • Advance filtering when viewing Service Desk Issues in Hootsuite
  • The ability to reply on social media from JIRA using the Hootsuite publishing APIs.
  • Support for additional social networks, such as Instagram
  • The ability to add additional information to the ticket, such as customer sentiment.

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