Passionate for challenges and development, our team was inspired in getting together all the member’s skills (back-end, front-end developers, devops, design and UI/UX expertise) and creating an innovative product to simplify the modern communication: a multi platform social media chat app. Everyone has access to different social medias, however many people are spread. Hootchat can integrate different social medias in one place, simplifying the communication of the every day’s life.

What it does

Hootchat is a mobile chat which integrates different social medias (Facebook and Foursquare) and concentrates the communication between the contacts in one app in real time. It’s an innovative multi platform, which contains push notifications for the mobile, even when the device is offline.

How we built it

Hootchat is built in 2 components: Client and Server Client: we used JavaScript with Angular.js working on the IONIC platform to generate the apps for Android and IOs. CSS3 is also used, following the concepts about flat design. Server: built with framework spring using language JAVA 8, with WebSockets implementation, SOA architecture, docker and MySQL database. Server hosts the application and database in separated containers. WebService is integrated with IONIC sending async requisitions for the push notification, and its deployed in the VPS Digital Ocean.

Challenges we ran into

First challenge was the technologies. The purpose was also about learning, so we chose the technologies that we would like to get better at. Integrating the app for mobile devices, with push notifications and social media integration was really something special. Some complex issues had to be fixed on a short period of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a MVP using new technologies, in mobile mult iplatforms (Android & IOs), accomplishing this challenge in a 48 hours range, managing documentation, video and presentation, and of course coding, was really amazing.

What we learned

We learned how good a synchronized team can work together, and how productive this could be! New technologies and skills we developed on the flow in order to accomplish the end of the challenge.

What's next for Hootchat

There are many things that we can think about the future for Hootchat. The first thing is to integrate others social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Google+, gathering and merging all the contacts. Then we intend to develop the Web app. New features such as group chat, upload video and image, take a photo in real time are also on the scope.

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