Hoot is a social communication web application targeted towards university students. It gives users a minimalistic interface for communicating with each other. The users can enter any topic(called tags) and it'll allow you to start a conversation(or if other people are already communicating on that tag, it allows you to join the conversation). Tags also have different types such as discussion, buy/sell, career opportunities, groups, misc so that conversations are more focused. Also, when you search for tags, it suggest similar tags to avoid duplication. Plus users can leave a conversation at any time by simply closing that tab and can join back when they want. There is no hassle of joining or subscribing to groups and plus it has an advantage of allowing communication with other people who students don't know in person but may have similar interests. Some example use cases - 1.) Discussing assignments/problems for a particular course with other students who have the same course or are interested. 2.) Buying or selling books gadgets etc. 3.) Discussing career opportunities. 4.) Looking for people with similar interests such as tennis partners or musicians who'd want to jam

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