Human centered control! It's the largest reasonably controllable VR input method for a single person with two hands to hold.

What it does

Our project demonstrates how a hula hoop can be used as a viable input method for virtual reality applications and games.

How we built it

Integrating Unity and SteamVR with the HTC Vive and additional trackers. Coding was done using Visual Studio, and additional assets were created using AutoCAD, Blender and GIMP.

Challenges we ran into

The tomato got stuck to the ceiling.

  • Mounting the tracker to the hoop
  • Calibrating tracker to virtual model of hoop
  • Coming up with ideas for using the hoop
  • Doing the math to correctly map the hoop inputs into the world effects
  • Making the hoop interface as user-friendly and intuitive as possible
  • Adjusting speed and world scaling to ensure minimal discomfort and nausea

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everyone who came by our experiment was able to immediately start flying around by tilting the hoop, no instructions or explanation needed.

What we learned

It's actually much more natural and intuitive than I originally believed.

What's next?

Finish potential explorations and stay open to potential opportunities that make potential use cases!

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