Welcome to Recycle-Pi, an IoT and Cloud based platform for environmental sustainability.

Our platform:

  • Enables smarter recycling
  • Reduces contamination at across the waste management chain, at first-point of contact, transport, and processing.
  • Provides data for analysis

Motivation: By now we're all familiar with China's National Sword policy and the impact it is having on our Waste Management industry. The world's largest buyer of recycled commodities has demanded that we make them purer. No longer is 87% purity acceptable, but 93% is demanded - and at the same price.

Processors are spending more time and money to improve the purity of their products: slowing down their lines, hiring more sorters and adding equipment.

"The issue with China was contamination in the waste stream — stuff in the recycling bins that can't be recycled” A lot of the items that are put into recycling bins aren't actually recyclable—mainly due to contamination from food or liquid. Every plastic is fully recyclable, but not all can go into your household recycle bin.

Our solution is a IoT platform, that is bolt-on and customisable utilising IoT sensors across the the waste management chain. Across the chain, this platform is scalable from household bins, to be upscaled in larger enterprises with high turnover of trash, to community-wide integration - from entry point of waste, transportation of waste, to the processing of Recycling Plants.

We utilise machine learning driven AI, and custom scalable cloud-based API’s and services, that can be integrated with any IoT sensor to collect metrics across the chain.

Motion sensing IoT --> Raspberry-Pi, Python, PiCam module rev1.3

Custom Cloud Endpoint - AI image Recognition - Text to Speech AI - IoT platform --> AutoML, AWS SDK,

Front-End --> Request rerouted to Django REST API (Python)

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