When we needed to focus during finals, my friends and I would ask each other to change our facebook passwords so we weren't able to go on the site, Now the problem has only gotten bigger, apps have taken control of every part of our lives, and TCD felt like the perfect place to do something about it.

In order to solve this productivity problem that I deal with daily, I created Hooked. Since self-control is a little overrated, Hooked allows users to block themselves or friends from apps they choose for a set period of time, be it they are at work, out with friends, or on a date. It's simple to use. Start by Opening Hooked, select the apps you want to block, set the timer for how long you want take a haitus, and you can't override the system, even by restarting your phone. Here's the cool part, if you're having social media withdrawals and you really need to get on there, simply access the app you want to go on, and you'll be re-directed to Venmo where you can pay a measley $0.99 extortion fee, and be "tweeting" and "liking" like nothing ever happened.

Look, you're hooked, and we're here to help.

UPDATE: 9:38AM after a zipalign, the Android APK was submitted to the Google Dev account for release.

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