In a world where celebrities and fans are plagued with dummy profiles, fake followers and fabricated content, HookAStar is a rigorous social media platform that fosters authentic and uninterrupted connections between real stars and their fans.

HookAStar is a direct link of pure, unadulterated content from celebrities to the masses that love them. It is the only application in the world that allows celebrity users to use any combination of text, audio and video messages to create an online platform to promote and share their work.

The best part is followers will get an instant notification every time a celebrity user posts content. These and other exclusive features in HookAStar will enable actors, authors, artists, politicians, athletes and other public figures to create a captivating personal and professional brand.

HookAStar has unique verification capabilities that set it apart from the chaos of other social media applications on the market today. Fake parody accounts and false representation abound on other giant social media platforms can damage a celebrity’s public image. HookAStar solves the problem of celebrity misrepresentation through a rigorous validation process, allowing fans to catch real glimpses into the day-to-day lives of their favorite celebrities.

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