I was on a very busy bus one day and saw a girl in the back of the bus that was breathtaking. I was not able to talk to her even though I wanted to. So I had to come up with a solution that would allow people to meet for the first time.

What it does

It get's the UUID, which is a string of characters that uniquely identifies a device, of the device that the user is currently using to log into their account and uses their UUID to identify them over a Bluetooth network. as well as identify different users around you. Users are not communicating through Bluetooth LE but through a good old internet connection.

How we built it

We were able to prototype the User Interface that will enable people to see who is around them and communicate

Challenges we ran into

There are some privacy issues that we have ran into. Therefore we have decided to give users the option to control how certain types of information is displayed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to design and code a small prototype that allows people to visualize a minimal user experience

What we learned

We learned how to learn quickly in order to build our own solution in an environment where there is a time constraint.

What's next for HooDat

Build out the 3 features that we have designed and launch and see. If there are people that would love or hate this app

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