All of our parents immigrated to Canada without much prior knowledge about the country or the cities that they were moving to. We built this website in hopes of aiding immigrants like them or to anyone wanting to find a suitable neighbourhood.

What it does

The user enters their preferences simulating their desired neighbourhood. The website that then uses this data to find the neighbourhoods in Hamilton that are most suitable for the user's needs.

How we built it

We used OpenHamilton APIs to retrieve data from Hamilton's neighbourhoods and used the Google Maps and's APIs to present the data to the user. We displayed through a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Almost all of the members had started to learn the languages a week ago, and time was spent learning the intricacies of each language. In particular, CSS formatting, API configuration, and Firebase implementation gave us many headaches.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design turned out to be better than we expected and we were happy about the effective implementation of Google Maps and Firebase. Learning how to use APIs and creating a project in 24 hours have also been an enjoyable experience.

What we learned

JavaScript, Google Maps API, CSS, HTML, Firebase API, API, OpenHamilton API

What's next for Hood237

Multiple browser compatibility would be the immediate next step (the project currently does not work display correctly on Firefox). Other future features for Hood237 include storing personal profiles for each use and suggestions for new users based on how users with similar profiles selected. We also would like to add additional categories for users to choose from, such as job opportunities, real estate data, and more shopping centres. In the future, we hope to expand to cities outside of Hamilton all over the country.

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