I joined the HCR App Development team a few weeks ago and one of their projects they want to do for this year is to create a calendar/upcoming events view for the iOS app.

What it does

It displays events in an infinite scroll with Date headers. It includes the event name, time, location, description, and how many house points you get for attending.

How I built it

I used Swift in Xcode to make my project.

Challenges I ran into

There was a large learning gap I had to overcome. I had never coded in Xcode before this week.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got a working app. I'm very happy with the display of the events.

What I learned

A lot about Xcode! Everything I now know is what I learned

What's next for Honors College Upcoming Events

The next feature is to create a date finder that will allow you to scroll through dates quicker and click on the date to then take you to that spot in the infinite scroll view with event details.

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