We are excited about the release of Money Button and were brainstorming ideas of potential projects to build with it. We identified the need for aplatform that would allow monetizing video content and ensure stable revenue for its creators.

What it does

HoneyStream hosts video content on the behalf of its creators and delivers it to the user. There are two main modes of paywall that can be chosen on a per-video basis:

  • Preview mode: user will be able to see a short preview (10s) of the video and will be required to swipe the Money Button in order to continue watching. Example:
  • LQ/HQ mode: user will be able to watch the entire video in low quality and will be able to switch to a high quality stream by swiping the Money Button: Example:

Besides its basic function it also provides the following features:

  • Single-Sign-On: By logging in through Money Button users get access to the videos that they already payed. This is allowed by the server side access control and payment registration.
  • Embedding: Videos can be embedded into 3rd party sites with the provided embed code.
  • Profit sharing: Every payment is split in two parts and sent to the content creator and HoneyStream.
  • Video upload: We started working on the upload functionality, which would allow anyone with the Money Button to create videos and specify the address for the revenue to be sent to. We ran out of time and were not able to complete this feature entirely.

How we built it

We started with a simple frontend-only prototype on Saturday morning. We continued working on this proof of concept by adding more features, backend support (storage, access control, payment registration), utilizing SSO, allowing embeds, improving look&feel, ...

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was the SSO feature. We ran into quite a few obstacles while implementing it, but we were able to complete it in time. We would like to thank the Money Button team that was promptly answering our questions throughout the hackaton. Without them it would take us much longer to implement this feature.

We initially wanted to allow uploads of the high-quality video with automatic transcode into lower quality version, thumbnail generation, etc. While this are all totally doable problems with tools like ffmpeg we simply ran out of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the HoneyStream as a whole. We belive that we found a really nice way to monetize video content that is effective for the creator and non-intrusive for the user.

Form the technical perspective we're most proud of the SSO functionality and the payment/access processing related to it. From the organization perspective we're most proud of the fact that we were able to stay focused and productive as a team. We worked together for the first time which makes this an even bigger acomplishment.

What we learned

We intentionally used technologies that we were not very familiar with (Elixir, Phoenix, VueJs) in order to learn them. We also learned that you can achive significant results in a short period of time by setting priorities, staying focused and productive.

We also learned a lot about the Money Button details and will be happy to use this knowledge in the future projects.

What's next for HoneyStream (BCH)

We would like to finish the upload functionality and release the platform to the world.

Built With

  • elixir
  • phoenix
  • vue
  • moneybutton
  • love
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