Have you ever left work at night and had to ride your bike back home but didn't feel really safe to do so ?

Do you have young children coming home from school and you have to keep your mind on them to make sure they don't get lost or anything happens to them ?

Honey,I-am-Ok! is mobile friendly app, able to track your short trips to make sure you are safe and don't get harm.

Its easy, start by typing in your destination, select your emergency contacts, choose your callout trigger criteria and GO. The app running in the background will send your geo-location in a frequent interval to the server, which in turn will make sure you are on track for your final destination. In case we detect an inconsistency, we will attempt to call you on your registered cell phone to verify your status.

Following a no-answer from you, then your emergency contacts will be called and get informed of your last coordinates/address and how long it has been since we lost contact.

Stay safe and relax knowing that someone keeps an eye on you.

TechCrunch Disrupt London 2014 APIs used: Twilio API ESRI ArcGis Platform API

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