Fast casual restaurants that specialize in made-to-order foods face the constant challenge of building accurate orders while maintaining short wait times. Our team is working with Honeygrow, a fast casual restaurant specializing in stir-fry and salad, to increase their order accuracy while keeping order times constant. Right now Honeygrow faces the issue of unhappy customers when their order is incorrectly made. Customers order their meal through an in-store touch screen or the Honeygrow mobile app, and wait for their name to be called. Often times customers walk away with missing ingredients from their stir-fry, which leads to complaints to management and weakens the customer base. Our team has been tasked with the objective to increase order accuracy in Honeygrow locations, and we are doing it by augmenting human reliability in the ingredient-choosing process. Our team is creating a system of modular light-up push-buttons that will attach on each ingredient box. When an employee is preparing an order, the lights will glow for the required ingredients in a given order. When the employee places the ingredient into the box, they press the button to turn off the light therefore giving visual confirmation that the ingredient is included in the order. This solution also gamifies the process for the employee since it can often be tedious and boring. Honeygrow’s technology team shared the JSON file which has each order ID and the ingredients included. We are able to parse through this data and use an Arduino to send the specific ingredients for a particular order to the buttons they correspond to.

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