Students doing homework face many distractions including the simple convenience of their phones. We face these challenges daily, and we sought the solution to this widespread problem. Therefore, we created an app that can escalate student productivity, lowering stress and anxiety. The concept and the project name came to us as we thought of creating a user-friendly UI that is as sweet as the fruit honeydew, and help students finish homework before it's due, therefore shortly after, the concept of Honey-Due was born.

What it does

By creating an app that allows the student to organize and optimize their daily workload, we believe it will be a unique tool to be utilized by students. Essentially, the app keeps track of daily schedule and assignments and analyzes how long each assignment will take, and provide utilities and inform the student on how much time they should expect to spend each day on a subject. This could both help the rigorous course selection to help the student make informed decisions, as well as letting students know on how to improve their homework workflow.

How we built it

We utilized Angular4, Firebase Authentication and Database, Nebular, Android Studio, as well as using Cloudflare to set A records in order for the files hosted to be accessible from the .tech domain provided.

Challenges we ran into

While we had experimented with Angular and Firebase previously, we found the implementation of prebuilt framework and 3rd party services to be very challenging. We attempted to place polynomial/spline, and Gauss-Newton curve fits on the homework trends to predict homework time and test grade. Since the curve fitting algorithm was on java and android studio, we ran into difficulties combining it with our angular app. The previously mentioned challenge was also interlaced with other challenges on multiple grounds, from Java, Android Studio, to utilizing Nebular framework in developing our web app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a working web-app with demos included despite the initial setback which involves us trashing our original idea and starting new. During this process, we had lost considerable time, and we pulled through with an idea that will be useful and relatable to the very students who are the next generation of our technological era.

What we learned

We got familiar with Nebular and webview. It also gave us an insightful view on the flexibility of Bootstrap.

What's next for HoneyDue

Continual backend support must be gradually implemented and maintained. The webapp could also be further optimized to be utilized on mobile, as our current android APK act as a wrapper only.

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