Every day my wife has something for me to do on the way home.

She'll SMS some request, and it immediately gets lost in conversation about "how is your day going?"

Sometimes she'll wonder did he even see my "pick up milk" request?

HoneydewChat solves this pain by making it damn simple for her to add a new task for me and know when I've seen/started it.

So the name is indeed a play-on-words as it was born out of SMS'ing with my wife, but I would actually like to have chat like this with my business partners as well.

The whole concept of take this chat message and "DO SOMETHING" with it is wholly missing in chat software I use today, so I'd like to sell integrations with this chat to import a message into other services. For example:

  • add this message as a story in Pivotal Tracker
  • add this message as a bug in GitHub
  • send this message by email to someone else entirely

Yeah this idea is supremely copyable (looking at you, Slack). At least if I focus on couples / individuals I can find a niche. =)

I'm most proud of the "Dew Button" and the countless "dew" puns bought honeydewchat.com - didn't have time to get it up though

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