Our Mission

To hack the Lutron-Sliver kit using Android Things and Google Vision.


The idea was to automate your home using just your face. Lutron's Sliver kit is a representation of the modern smart home open to tinkering and intriguing possibilities. Google's Vision API allows us to go further with the Smart Home Vision, opening our team to Machine learning opportunities not possible prior. Keys in lock, you look up and smile at the camera. You are home, and since it's you the lights welcome you back. The inspitration for the titile is the famus line frome the movie "The Shining".

What it does

Using the Pico i.MX7 Development Board with the Android Things OS, and Google's Google Vision to communicate over TCP to the Lutron Sliver Kit. We imagined a smart home that could welcome you home.

How we built it

Honey I'm home uses a variety of different technologies, starting with the pico development board using android things OS. The intersection of all these technologies allows for the simplicity and potential to control your home without speaking or pressing a button. Honey I'm Home relies on Android Things OS to drive our camera and communication to the Lutron home system. We started by trying to just get the lights of the Lutron to turn on by sending Telnet commands to it. We then wrote a bash script that automated entering the user name and password while also executing light commands. We tried to take it a step further using the pico development board. The Pico proved to be difficult. Learning how to navigate through the android work flow was a huge challenge.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenges were; getting the Pico board to communicate using Telnet Communication Protocol and the Java Language to the Lutron System. We also had trouble learning how to use Android APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to stretch ourselves to learn multiple new technologies at once, and connect them in this one project.

What we learned

We went through the challenge of working with hardware and embraced how fun it was. We learned that, even if nothing is working, it's all a part of the learning process. Persistance is important to make whatever we attempt possible.

What's next for Honey I'm Home

The concept of Honey I'm Home could potentially be able to tell when you fell asleep to shut off the lights.

Built With

  • android
  • android-studio
  • android-things
  • google-vision-cloud
  • graple
  • lutron-api
  • lutron-sliver-kit
  • pico-pro-maker-kit
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