We knew that WhatsApp offers the ability for users to export their chats into one big text file and we thought it would be interesting to gain some knowledge about the conversations we've had with our friends.

What it does

Users are able to upload a WhatsApp text file that they've emailed to themselves using their WhatsApp application on their iPhone. We parse the text file and display the messages on our web page along with summary statistics regarding the content of the chat. This includes word frequency for the entire chat and for specific users, the total number of messages exchanged between participants, average number of characters and words for each user, and average user sentiment to determine how positive or negative one speaks. We also offer the ability to filter messages by date and by keyword for easy searching.

How we built it

We used React to build the platform in a mostly single-page model. We felt this was important for users to be able to see both the messages and the summary data.

Challenges we ran into

WhatsApp's export feature outputs different text formats depending on the phone's operating system, so we decided to, for now, focus on iPhone users. We also had some difficulty deciding on an idea. After ruling out some other ideas, this WhatsApp idea was decided upon part way through the allotted 24 hour timeframe, so we only worked on it for approximately 16 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think that our finished product is quite easy to use for WhatsApp users and will be of interest to participants in group chats as they can see a breakdown of their user data in multiple ways.

What we learned

We solidified our understanding of React development, and learned of the considerations that have to be made for data visualization.

What's next for Honey Buns

We would love to keep adding further means of analysis and enhanced data visualization features, as well as permit the use of Android phones.

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