Make Athletes Healthy so that we can all watch our favorite players more instead of them being on the Disabled List

What it does

Honey Ball Hawaiian Honey helps athletes recover faster by improving the effectiveness of prescription medications.

What's next for honey ball

building out proof of concept and going into testing

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Things I should have used in my Pitch Deck:

Nike tells you to Just Do It, Kaiser Permanente wants you to Thrive, Honey Ball wants injured Baseball athletes healthy back in the game as quickly as possible by making prescription medicines more effective and reducing the use of opioids. We have some work to do on the tag line after we cure cancer.

"There's No Crying in Baseball" and with Honey Ball Athletes are less injured.

You'll be singing John Fogerty Centerfield "Put Me In Coach" Lyrics with Honey Ball that you are honestly recovered from an injury.

Honey Ball - Field of Recovered Faster Dreams

Honey Ball plays Hard Ball with baseball injuries.

For Love of the Game, get your injured players back on the field you love with Honey Ball.

Majority Female Owned Honey Ball is in A Major League of Their Own.

Those Million Dollar Arms are worth the remaining proof of concept $25,000 needed to bring Honey Ball to your team.

The Bad News Bears would love Honey Ball.

You don't want 8 Men Out on the Disabled List- Get Honey Ball.

The Natural way to stay away from Banned Substances by using natural Honey Ball to aid in player recovery after injury.

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