Education is unavoidable part of life, but the benefits usually come much later, only after (or if) you finish it, and it might take months, sometimes years. Even if you add mentors and exams on the platform – it improves the course, not the person and can easily be avoided if the student is a procrastinator with experience.


Honey badger is the platform that keeps the student motivated through his educational journey by using non fungible tokens on the platform he or she has chosen

How it works?

Non fungible tokens will serve as instant gratification as well as gate to the additional opportunities. By achieving a specific results, like type of the course, completion rate, number of mistakes, time spent for education, top scores and other the student receives the unique badge (Layer 0). Besides the encouraging component of the badge itself, collecting the set of specific badges can lead to receiving particular education certificate (Layer 0). Personal notification will guide students trough the potential opportunities. To widen up the students experience they can receive extra offers from companies or events related to their type of badges. In turn, partners and third parties are interested in attracting the audience with the suitable set of skills.

Advantages of Honey Badger

• Self motivation and increased MOOC's (mass open online course) completion rate • Proved education track • Individual badges for platforms • Increased customer engagement on education platforms • BPaaS for education services • No limits on number of education platforms • Partners get detailed targeting on the audience • Gamification of education process • Incentives according the chosen industry • Allows HR to check soft skills of the potential employee • Works on both blockchain and centralized educational platforms

What's next for Honey Badger

If we take helicopter view at the model there is an opportunity for expansion to the country level by introducing layer 2. Collecting certain amount of specific certificates will allow the student to receive a degree. To qualify degree as “accredited education” it’s important to ensure that complex programs can be packaged in more easily digestible pieces. Honeybadger will allow educational institutions integrate their programs by breaking it down into badging.

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