People don't track their Eating habits , they just eat what they like and when they lik ite , and that can be really harmful if a personn doesn't take care of it self , it can result in really concouncial health issues . Using the 5 Ways method we found out that this mainly because people don't keep track of what are they eating .

What it does

Through Honest Food ,we help people keep track of their eating habit by taking photos of their plats and then using our AI to detect what they eated and how much calories they have consumed , we allow them to keep track of their habits and be aware of their eating habits .

How I built it

We used a Deep neural network learning algrithm using Tenserflow on The food-101 dataset , We build the App using Flutter , we use are using Firebase Temporarlly and we deployed our ML api using Flusk Rest API .

Challenges I ran into

We had issues in chossing the right parametres and architecture for the learning algorithm .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We Made it

What I learned

The competition helped us to dig more in AI and Flutter and most importenetly we made great Connections and friends .

What's next for Honest Food

We are aiming to continue in the project because we see a great market size for our project .

Built With

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