With all the contradicting information available, eco-friendly food choices are hard. We do not only want to inform, but also to provide smart alternatives.

What it does

Right on your favorite recipe site, Honest Foods provides additional information, like a locality score, for every ingredient on the recipe. But more than that, we also provide you with alternative ingredients that are very similar but more eco-friendly.

How we built it

Using state of the art Machine Learning algorithms such as Word2Vec, we model the ingredients substitutions rules and process. Additionally, gathering valuable data regarding food production sites across the world, we can estimate how local ingredients are. Finally, through a simple and entertaining chrome plugin, anyone can get all the informations about the ingredients of the recipe he's looking for on any website.

What's next for Honest Eats

Extending it to by coupling more informations about the ingredients and refining the model to find substitutes. Also provide consumers ways to easily order the food for his recipe.

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