Many countries have been implementing necessary tools for proper health information coding and management include clinical guidelines, formal medical terminologies, and other information and communication technologies. However, during the recent pandemic, many countries still suffered due to lack of digitalization of these hospital administrations and resulting in deadly consequences of mass deaths due to shortage of those amenities can never be forgotten.

What it does

Honep is a Hospital Networking Platform for hospital administrations and inventory management and even the end-users that can resolve this crisis with an allocation to implement information and resource sharing through an easy-to-handle, globally accessible platform, without concerning a long procedural third party inclusion. The kind of health data processed by Honep may include hospital administration, hospital inventory details and clinical functions, geographical location of connected hospitals.

How we built it

The existing inventory management and hospital administration should have been digitalized for a smoother accessibility and the existing pandemic shortages could have been avoided. We have developed a platform for hospitals to share and connect globally and collaborate as per the emergency needs concerning the ease of geographical access.

What we learned

The issues concerned with existing hospital networks and dire need of hospital informatics.

What's next for Honep - Hospital Networking Platform

As this will be a platform based business model this will have intensive networking from various stake holders and semi valued members.

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