Virtual reality is often paired with the leap motion controller to allow a user to have precise control over not just their head, but also their hands. Our team wanted to use both of these technologies in use in a novel way which gave way to Homuncularium.

What it does

Which is more important your precious homunculus or your buttery garlicoin? Is it possible to have both? Play this game to find out. Sustain your homunculus by buying celery and soylent for it, and buy it a toy to keep it entertained! Buy mining rigs to earn more garlicoin and sustain your homuncularium.

Ever wanted to be a homunculus? Now you can! Play as the homunculus and live in a beutiful terrarium, but make sure to let your owner know when you need them?!

How we built it

NO UNITY. For the virtual reality the LOVE VR engine was used (a fork of the LOVE engine). The owner controls what is input into the terrarium using a leap motion. The hands can be seen by looking up from the terrarium as the homunculus. The data about the position of the hands was sent over udp.

Challenges we ran into

We built the entire application on linux machines and didn't consider that sending the lovr application to windows for the oculus. This potentially ruined the vr aspect of our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using udp to send the data over the network to enable multiplayer between the owner of the homuncularium and the homunculus.

What we learned

Never rely on windows. Ever.

What's next for Homuncularium

Multiple homunculi more garlic.

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