People who follow the rules are not being rewarded enough for their correct behavior. They should feel that it has direct positive consequences.


For user

Reward people with points that can be exchanged for vouchers that can mainly be used in local businesses. Users gain points by accomplishing different tasks and challenges, but can also lose them by having bad behaviour such as going outside and meeting people.

For SMEs

Get new clients after the crisis that can help your company grow again. The goal is to create attraction towards your business by giving people a valuable opportunity to have a first experience with your company.

Interested as a user?

How can you reward my good behavior?

You can gain points by doing daily activities and challenges. You also gain experience and levels by using the application. Easy, right? Well, here's the good news: you can then exchange these points against vouchers! The quality of the vouchers depends on your level: higher level means more possibility and more value!

Wait? That sounds too amazing, where is the trap?

We want to reward those people who are acting responsibly. If you leave your house, your virtual health bar will decrease. Once it reaches 0, your points will fly away and never come back! Points fly out even faster if you get close to other people or if you find yourself in a crowd! You're not doomed though: return to your home and your health bar will fill up again. Once it's full, you'll be able to gain new points.

Oh oh... So if I stay inside and avoid other people, what can I win concretely?

The rewards become increasingly interesting with your level. When you begin, you'll be able to exchange your points again for vouchers for local companies around you: bakeries, hairdressers, restaurants and much more. When you level up, you'll get access to vouchers for bigger retail shops. If you manage to get among the best, you'll be selected for lottery draws to win tickets to musical or sport events and even a trip!

Interested as a SME?

I run a SME, what can I gain from the platform?

After the crisis, we think that SMEs need to gain a new influx of customers. By giving users vouchers, we attract them to your company. While you'll sell at a lower price, you'll be able to regrow faster and possibly get new regular customers!

Will it be easy to integrate vouchers from my company into the app? Do I have to pay anything?

We are in a time of crisis, and therefore, we want to make the process as easy as possible. Neither users nor companies need to pay anything to get on the platform!

First feedback of the concept

We ran a first survey on Slack to get some first feedbacks.To the question: "Would you join the program by providing vouchers as rewards that can be used in your company?", 50% answered: "Yes, I definitively see value for my company", 33% answered "Yes, but I'm not sure I would gain from it" and only 16% didn't like the idea. The trustability of the platform has been selected as the most important criteria, followed by "Large number of active users".

Built With

  • after-effects
  • figma
  • indesign
  • keynote
  • premiere-pro-plus
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