Home buying is often a difficult process and a lack of information is one of its greatest hurdles. Home buyers are busy enough, so we wanted to make their lives a bit easier.

What it does

Homie consolidates information from many different sources into a simple interface. Users can find information both about the property and about the surrounding area, including parks, emergency services, schools, and much more.

How we built it

We used Flask and MongoDB for the back-end and Materialize for the front-end. We also focused on responsiveness on all devices.

Challenges we ran into

We gathered data from Zillow, Google Maps, and datasets provided by OpenPhilly and other organizations. This required parsing through a lot of information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a useful project that is sleek and easy to use.

What we learned

We learned about UI/UX design as well as how to parse through large amounts of data.

What's next for Homie

We hope to continue adding data to Homie as well as to better filter this data.

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