We were originally inspired to do this project because we found that when we went to search Airbnb listings in a new city, we couldn't tell how safe the area was.

What it does

Homey, a web application, takes in an Airbnb listings URL and parses it to find the unique id associated with the listing. The application then displays 3 ratings based on the location of the listing. These ratings rank the safety, proximity to transportation, and proximity to restaurants. If the user is satisfied, they can exit the web application. If the user would like to get recommendations for listings with better rankings, they fill out a short questionnaire and receive new Airbnb listings based on their preferences.

How I built it

Built using Python, Django, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of trouble connecting everything at the end. We had a lot of trouble connecting all the pages and making sure they rendered properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had a GREAT idea and we made a lot of beautiful web pages. We also made some pretty nice databases and calculate_score functions that we never got to quite use.

What I learned

None of us knew anything about Django before this hackathon and we learned a lot about using their web framework. Some of us didn't know a lot about using git at the beginning of this as well and by the end of this were pretty well versed.

What's next for Homey

Maybe Homey's pages can actually connect to each other and render properly. Then we can display the data we have stored in our databases and store the data that the user inputs so we can make our calculations!

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