Despite in different countries, Arushi in USA and Matthew in South Africa, they were able to find that they face the same challenges as highschoolers. Whenever help needed is needed on a problem, it can be difficult sometimes to approach others and find tutors who would match your learning style and be able to clear any questions. Our inspiration was to help students overcome that fear of asking help and provide them with the chance to get help from mentors but at the same time have the chance to help someone else.

What it does

HomeworkedLinked is a platform that allows any students to sign up for a free tutor and get help on different subjects. In return other students can volunteer to become a tutor.

How we built it

We build it using PHP, CSS, and Hack

Challenges we ran into

Living in different countries, the time difference made it difficult to communicate as a team efficiently. However, with clear vision and tasks in mind, we were able to bring the idea to life.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bringing our idea to life and the being to find a solution to problems that we faced is something that we are really proud of.

What we learned

HomeworkedLinked gave us the opportunity to explore the lack of educational resources in certain areas and also the work being done to help these students. We learned about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and they work they are doing to help Goal 4, Quality Education. As supporters of this goal, we learned on how we can make an impact of students' lives through HomeworkedLinked .

What's next for HomeworkedLinked

HomeworkedLinked will continue grow as platform in terms of user friendliness, but also scalability. First of all, HomeworkedLinked 2.0 would have many features pertaining to the daily essentials of a students and different features to aid them. Additionally, this platform is highly scalable. Being in two different countries, we can grow the platform from our school to communities. The strength of the network will also grow as the number of users grow, for scalability. We could also partner with schools and make this a primary resource for their students, especially under privileged schools.

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