I take all of my classes online, and spend a lot of time organizing all of my schoolwork and study material, with all the multitudes of assignments and courses keeping track and getting all the files can be daunting and would cause lots of distress prior to any work getting done.

What it does

We decided to build a basic frame work and design a automation solution that helps ease some of that tension and make the process easier to get started. By scraping our schools lesson site, we can obtain lessons, power points, tutorials or anything else the teacher has left for us. Conveniently it can be done when ever or where ever we need. So that when go time comes we are ready to get started immediately on assignments on comfortable ground.

How I built it

I used uipath to create a bot that scrapes the school site for the data I need, and organizes it. HTML to build a mock up site to a school lesson board. and hosted it via a domian/github-sites

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how to switch from manipulating the webpage, to manipulating my local file structures

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

learning how to use uipath- completing a fully lesson and process guide on CSS grid and learnign how to properly setup and mock out sites.

What I learned

how to use uipath, how to build better sites, how to integrate better css. Clean design.

What's next for Homework Bot

Making it work with the actual school site, blackboard in my case, rather than the example site created for the submission. Adding a calender function that grabs due dates and adds them to my calendar. Link to the demo school site:

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