Project Summary

HomeworkBet is a web app centered around the idea of students putting their money on the line to give financial motivation to do well in their courses. Students enter a course before the beginning of an academic term, and pledge money into a betting pool with a standard bet for each course. At the end of the term, students who have met the requirements (90%+ for their homework grade or an A- or better for their final grade) will split the pool, potentially receiving more money back than they paid in from bets committed by students who did not meet the requirements.

Technologies used

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • Angular
  • Node.js

Team members

  • Colin Powell
  • Nathan Perkins
  • Neal Quigley
  • Sarah Maas

Challenges We ran into

  • Learning mongoose, express, node, and javascript in a short time.
  • Using git collaboratively for the first time.
  • Unit testing API endpoints that require authentication (I didn't figure this out)

What We learned

  • JS Promises.
  • Angular.
  • Some git tricks for collaborating effectively.
  • How to handle git merge conflicts.
  • Writing factories and population scripts.
  • Collaborating with a group and hooking into code that others are creating.

What's next for homework-bet

  • Go back through and clean up messy code.
  • Add more validations.
  • Remove all non-api endpoints.
  • Add transactions to track money paid or received.
  • Create an admin dashboard for managing verifications and users.
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