We thought of many ideas, but one thing which we all had in common was a heavy workload from school. Through this, we decided to create this application and interface for a collaborative network of teachers. By interacting with each other, both teachers and students would benefit.

What it does

When a teacher goes to the website, they are directed to a login/signup button. Then, they will be introduced to a page which shows the amount of homework the other teachers have given. It will show the total time of work from all four core classes (Math, English, Science, and History).

How we built it

We used the Flask web framework for creating the web server and serving dynamic web pages. We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the websites UI and functionality.

Challenges we ran into

*Creating the Login Page

*Creating the interaction between the client and server side

*Implementing the Flask Application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully created the UI of the website, as well as the login page.

What we learned

We learned back-end terminology and concepts and full-stack web development. We also learned how to design web pages to interact with the server using ways such as the POST method with HTTP.

What's next for Homework Balancer

We plan to create an iOS or Android app and improve the UI. We also want to add some more features such as real-time syncing as well as an instant messaging box for teachers.

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