The healthcare industry is overrun with an overloaded work force and heavily regulated health system.

What it does

Homeward Healthcare automates patient discharge and analyzes a patient's readmission risk with social health determinants to prepare for the most effective recovery plan post-discharge.

How I built it

Homeward Healthcare is built as an Android application and web browser experience. The Android application is patient facing for a multimedia discharge experience in a survey format. The web browser is the dashboard that feed the results and care suggestions back to the healthcare professionals.

Challenges I ran into

In the beginning, all of the software was run via a web browser but spotty hospital internet connections forced the creation of a natively run application to cache the patient results until a connection can be made.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The first pilot project run in Hurley Medical Center reduced all cause readmissions by 33.4% with a 47% reduction in CHF. A white paper study was published by Kettering University.

What I learned

Patients are much more comfortable and honest with a tablet in the privacy of their hospital bed than during a nurse led discharge instruction session. Nurse's then can come to the discharge episode for shorter periods of time with more informed discussions.

What's next for Homeward Healthcare MDP Innovation Challenge

Expansion into the current clients that we have with more engaging and specific patient centered products.

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