The option of going out for University was available, so I was wondering what was the best way to split costs between roommates when living on residence. I was also trying to learn React, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try and build a web app.

What it does

Users can create an account using Firebase as an authentication. They can also create something called a join link, other users can then create their own accounts and use the same join link when they register and form a group. From there they can create entries and the application will split it automatically with everybody else and is manageable under the finances tab.

How I built it

This app was built with React and Firebase

Challenges I ran into

Managing new users and deleted users costs. As well as error checking invalid values

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I learnt how to use React and Firebase. I learnt how to utilize React's concepts like state, props, etc.

What's next for HomeSplit

This was a beginner project to get me familiar with React, a new version of this in order soon!

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