Retail business are losing customers fast according to the latest studies. The app will invigorate the retail market by introducing efficient routing solution to products via indoor location technology and to provide ongoing automated support by chatbot and to augment the reality when point of sale is activated.

What it does

Our app invigorates the retail market by introducing efficient routing to products and to provide ongoing communication support by chatbot and to augment the reality when point of sale is activated.

How I built it

The idea is to "revitalize the American Retail business”. We built a 3-D store navigator. Store assistant with voice control. Basically when a customer enters the store, he/she will ask the app to locate the item, say “help me to find fruits”. We use "Esri ArcGIS” (3D map JS API) to map the store and locate the item. It will tell the customer how to get there (like a GPS navigator) in the shortest path, along the way he will be able to get all the shopping done. Once the customer arrive at the aisle (bluetooth track location), a small screen (internet of things) will display customized message “Ron, your bacon is here, 2 level from the bottom aisle!”. Then the customer will use his phone camera to scan the item. Then the bacon will become animation, using Three.js and A-Frame. It will speak to the customer. What is its price? What is fat content? Expiration date etc. Then the customer will swipe (like Tinder Matches) to take or reject the item, then customer will pay the item right there, so no waiting in the checkout line. And when we get home, we will move the items from the app shopping cart to our house closets or fridge which are also programmed in the app. Because the app will map our house (smart house concept), tell us what exactly we have in our house, each room, each closet. Help us to find stuff in our house too, and organize everything in our house. The marketing slogan of our app is “Your home is your favorite store! Having retail customers having the same experience as if you are shopping online with augmented reality.”

Challenges I ran into

trying ARCGIS api Integrating IBM Text to Speech

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A good starter! Teamwork! Chat UI

What I learned

Everything about digital enhancement retail

What's next for HomeSmartShop

The app will collect more data and provide more personalized serivce. Integrate with local retail stores.

The visualization will be more realistic with ARCGIS and Revit. We can ask ARCGIS to supply us with realistic model to present shelve and item.

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