Homes are becoming more and more intelligent with Smart Home products such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home. However, users have limited information about the infrastructure's status.

What it does

Our smart chat bot helps users to monitor their house's state from anywhere using low cost sensors. Our product is easy to install, user friendly and fully expandable.

Easy to install

By using compact sensors, HomeScan is able to monitor information from your house. Afraid of gas leaks or leaving the heating on? HomeScan has you covered. Our product requires minimum setup and is energy efficient. In addition, since we use a small cellular IoT board to gather the data, HomeScan sensors are wifi-independant. This way, HomeScan can be placed anywhere in the house.

User Friendly

HomeScan uses Cisco Spark bots to communicate data to the users. Run diagnostics, ask for specific sensor data, our bots can do it all. Best of all, there is no need to learn command lines as our smart bots use text analysis technologies to find the perfect answer to your question. Since we are using Cisco Spark, the bots can be accessed on the go on both the Spark mobile app or on our website.Therefore, you'll have no problem accessing your data while away from your home.

Fully expandable

HomeScan was built with the future in mind. Our product will fully benefit from future technological advancements. For instance, 5G will enable HomeScan to expand and reach places that currently have a poor cellular signal. In addition, the anticipated release of Cisco Spark's "guestID" will grant access to our smart bots to an even wider audience. Newer bot customization tools will also allow us to implement additional functionalities. Lastly, HomeScan can be expanded into an infrastructure ranking system. This could have a tremendous impact on the real-estate industry as houses could be rated based on their infrastructure performances. This way, data could be used for services such as AirBnB, insurance companies and even home-owners.

We are confident that HomeScan is the solution for monitoring a healthy house and improve your real-estate decisions. future proof

How I built it

The infrastructure's information are being gathered through a Particle Electron board running of cellular network. The data are then sent to an Amazon's Web Services server. Finally, a Cisco Spark chat bot retrieves the data and outputs relevant queries according to the user's inputs. The intelligent bot is also capable of warning the user in case of an emergency.

Challenges I ran into

Early on, we ran into numerous hardware issues with the Particle Electron board. After consulting with industry professionals and hours of debugging, we managed to successfully get the board working the way we wanted. Additionally, with no experience with back-end programming, we struggled a lot understanding the tools and the interactions between platforms but ended with successful results.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud to showcase a fully-stacked solution using various tools with very little to no experience with it.

What we learned

With perservance and mutual moral support, anything is possible. And never be shy to ask for help.

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