IoT has made the power of recording and sensor devices both cheap and ubiquitous. Our aim is to bring a safe and affordable home security system that integrates seamlessly with other modules.

What it does

It monitors your door and window access, and monitors camera feeds. However, it is based on a secure, scalable Django server that will readily support additional plugins which can be rapidly developed and put on its network.

We maintain logs of all unknown access (faces in camera feed which are not recognized) and have break protection on all windows. Our server frontend and Android app displays all of this information, as well as a livestream to the cameras.

Notable features

  • Intruder Detection -- camera (facial recognition, ~99.6% accuracy), and sensors
  • DogSimulator -- makes sounds of a guard dog if it detects a breach in security.
  • Panic -- alerts law enforcement if a panic button is pressed. They will have access to livefeed.
  • Sleek Design : we use minimalistic components, so your house is both secure, and sexy.
  • Modular : our project is engineered around adding additional, customizable modules without big change to the codebase.
  • Request-based processing : we can integrate with ANY device capable of encryptying, and sending HTTP requests. Thus, we are not limited to any hardware.

How we built it

We used a server on a raspi to stream live video with the help of OpenCV for facial recognition. All the sensor/livestream logs and the video itself can be viewed through the server. Also built an Android application to hold the livestream of the security cameras configured with face recognition.

Challenges we ran into

Streaming and processing video in realtime from raspberry pi. Turns out, making a lighweight livestream without insecure and bloated JavaScript is quite challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have awesome facial recognition (with ~99.6% accuracy), instant response times on breakages. We also implemented cool features like HomeDog, which alerts law enforcement and simulates a dog. We are most proud of the security, scalability and modular structure of our system.

Django can maintain extensive databases, and is inherently made to be secure at an industrial level. Furthermore, we take security very seriously, and all of our modules are designed to be unhackable -- they interface with private keys with eachother, using them to encrypt all data. The network is isolated from the internet, and thus should not be breached.

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