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Our core mission is to transform residential real estate by making it simple and transact. Homerun gives home owners the ability to go online and sell their home with a few clicks. Homerun takes this very inefficient, long, intransparent and painful process of selling real estate (typically 126 days) by bringing it online we streamline a lot of the processes.

Type of the project

Web app


Homerun gives home owners the ability to go online and sell their home with a few clicks. Therefore selling real estate is faster, more efficient and simply beautiful for the seller.

Core-Product: Great and simple UX for real estate selling platform.

In order to benefit from more transaction firsthand, we implemented a wide-label solution for Unicredit, which integrates the Unicredit API.

Target group

In general: every home owner, who thinks about selling his house/apartment. In particular with integration of Unicredit API: A premium service for clients, who consider to sell their real estate.

Use case

It's simple: A faster and more efficient sales process of real estate is benefitting not only the emotional side of the seller, but also the bank (reduce time of sale process leads to more transactions).

Challenges & solutions

Challenge: Integration of Unicredit API to access the client's information to aggregate and pass on user information to client side javascript. Solution: cloudbased middleware to surf client side code.


1) Cleaning the codebase: A prototype is not a product. 2) Fully integrate with current real estate portal of Unicredit / Hypovereinsbank. 3) Also consider streamlining not only the selling process, but also buying process of real estate (metric again time to transaction). 4) Automating so far manual processes to become more efficient and transparent in order to turn the whole process of selling real estate into a beautiful and simple experience for the parties involved.


  • HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, .net, , C#, azure, asp.net
  • Unicredit API, Gini, IBM Bluemix


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Team Members

  • Olcay Buyan
  • Michael Strobl
  • Christian Strobl
  • Moritz Kaminski
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